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Smart. Flexible. Emotional.

Lunaris is a breakthrough in ankle-foot prosthetics.
It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or felt before. It’s the first prosthesis to put outrageous flexibility, smart connectivity and entirely new capabilities into an unbelievable compact form.

It is going to completely transform your life.

We redefine what a prosthesis can do for you

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Check out the video presentation of the Lunaris, the newest ankle-foot prosthesis from Axiles Bionics.

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A revolutionary ankle interface

The ankle-foot is a wonderful interplay of bones, muscles and tendons.
That is why we have added, as in the human body, an elastic tendon to an anatomical ankle joint.

Unprecedented flexibility

Thanks to its elastic tendon and its articulation, our prosthetic foot reproduces the human ankle.

Increased comfort

You will be able to cross any slope or uneven terrain with unprecedented ease

Natural range of motion

Its 39° range of motion will give you the most natural stride possible.

Graphene Black
Ivory Stride
Warm Sand
Golden Gait
IO Charger of the prosethesis  - Intelligent Connectivity by Axiles Bionics

The intelligent connectivity of the IO Charger

Your Lunaris comes with its very own IO Charger.
It allows us to push the limits of artificial intelligence in artificial limbs by collecting data at an incredible rate of up to 500 samples/second.

Predictive maintenance

Ensuring your safety at all times

Optimization analyses

Providing you with product improvements over time

Futures applications

Improving your daily experience and life


of our mechanical components are Made in Europe


of our electronics are assembled in Belgium


of our artifical intelligence and software are developed in Belgium

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