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Lunaris, the revolutionary ankle-foot prosthesis by Axiles Bionics, combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional comfort, enhancing mobility and restoring natural movement to allow people to fully embrace life.

What clinical studies say about it

The clinical advancements of Lunaris are supported by in-depth studies, revealing benefits for lower limb amputees, likely related to the ankle joint and its flexibility.

Enhanced Stability and Control

Compared to a traditional prosthesis, the walking pattern of Lunaris is much closer to that of a human ankle. An individual-based case study demonstrated that after several weeks of use, the user had regained a walking pattern closer to that of an able-bodied person.

Increased Comfort and Reduced Fatigue

An immediat increase in comfort and a decrease in fatigue were observed when walking on flat and sloping surfaces compared to the current prosthesis of the participants.

User-Friendly Design and Adaptability

Regardless of whether users had transtibial or transfemoral amputations, Lunaris was consistently rated above average in terms of usability, even without prior familiarity with the device.

85% of people are convinced that Lunaris will improve their quality of life*

The Lunaris prosthesis is a product of close collaboration with users, central to the design process. With feedback from over 150 trials and testimonials*, we've tailored it to precisely meet user needs.

Explore their final impressions on Lunaris here:

Improved Stability

For many users, Lunaris enhances their stability, boosting their confidence while walking.

Comfort and Flexibility on Uneven Terrain

Users appreciate the additional comfort and flexibility provided by Lunaris, allowing them to easily adapt to rough terrains.

Ease of Going Up and Down Stairs

Lunaris can facilitate movements on stairs, providing users with greater freedom and improved mobility.

Promotes more intuitive walking

The gait becomes smoother and more intuitive, offering the opportunity to free the mind and fully enjoy movements.

Sense of More Natural Walking

The walking experience can be felt as more natural, allowing users to regain a comfortable sensation during their travels.

High-Performance Materials

In addition to incorporating high-quality materials renowned for their outstanding performance, the Lunaris is further enhanced by key features that elevate the user experience.

Lunaris offers customizable flexibility options to suit individual needs

Its 3D-printed foot covers provide essential shock absorption and torsion control

Available in various shades, matching style and mood

Graphene Black
Ivory Stride
Warm Sand
Golden Gait

Smart Connectivity

In addition to bringing advanced robotics to life, Axiles Bionics pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence in artificial limbs to provide the best possible services to its users.

Explore the benefits of the IO Charger, an indispensable accessory included with Lunaris.

Predictive Maintenance

Sensors and smart software monitor Lunaris, swiftly detecting potential issues to ensure peak functionality and prolong lifespan.

Ongoing Updates and Improvements

Lunaris evolves with each maintenance, integrating improvements to stay advanced without needing a new purchase.

Mobile Applications

Axiles Bionics is creating mobile apps for Lunaris users to track progress, set goals, and enhance their experience.

Keynote Lunaris

Watch our presentation video featuring CEO Pierre Cherelle to delve deeper into Lunaris.
Discover its captivating features, solidifying its status as a groundbreaking innovation in health and technology.

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