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Axiles Bionics is a Belgian spin-off from Brubotics (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) specialized in robotics, artificial intelligence, and human biomechanics.

17 years ago, our journey began with a passion for enhancing lives through technology. As we delved into robotics research, the challenges faced by hundreds of thousands of people undergoing a lower limb amputation yearly became obvious: Prosthetic feet didn't change much in 50 years—fixed and inflexible, like old ski-boots, failing to restore a natural gait and movement, leading to profound physical and psychological implications.

In 2019, Axiles Bionics was founded, marking a pivotal moment in our journey to revolutionise the field of prosthetics.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals with limb deficiencies by providing innovative and high-performance solutions.

Through the utilization of advanced technologies, we aim to empower people to overcome their physical limitations and attain a state of "Peace of Mind and Body."

Redefining What a Prosthesis Can Do for You

At Axiles Bionics, we are guided by strong values that motivate us every day in all aspects of our operations, from product design to how we interact with our users and employees.

"Every problem is a disguised opportunity."
We encourage curiosity and new ideas, constantly seeking to exceed expectations.
We are always striving for higher levels and excellence in our field. Excellence is the criterion that drives us to make a difference every day.
With passion at the heart of everything we do, we nurture ideas and find creative ways to overcome obstacles to foster growth.
We place great importance on integrity and keeping our word. Therefore, we will always strive to be as honest and transparent as possible.
Individual success is above all about collective success. Whether it's our colleagues or users, we genuinely care about others and seek to help them.
Our values and collective efforts showcase the power to generate positive and innovative change, ensuring excellence for our customers, collaborators, and society.

A word from the Founders

Pierre Cherelle, dr in robotics in a speech

With over 15 years of experience in the field, witnessing the birth of Axiles Bionics from my university research project is truly incredible. Surrounded by the best team, I am extremely proud to see not only our remarkable products flourish but also the creation of an exceptional and pleasant work environment.

dr. ir. Pierre Cherelle
Founder & CEO
Felipe Gomez, CTO from Axiles Bionics at the Research to Reality Event

It's very rewarding to see our technology come to life thanks to the hard work of our bright engineers. I look forward to continuing this journey towards realising our company's vision.

dr. ir. Felipe Gomez
Co-founder & CTO
Claire Cherelle witj a Lunaris prosthesis in her hands

Our exceptional team stands as the driving force behind our innovations, transforming ideas into impactful realities. Together, we shape a future where passion and excellence serve as catalysts to fulfilling our mission.

ir. Claire Cherelle
Co-founder & CRO

Let’s work hard. Use our talent and passion. Realize that people make the difference. Manage on facts. Be humble. Only this attitude can be the cornerstone of a future success.

Jacques Langhendries
Co-founder & CFO

They support us

Partner - VUB - Vrije Universiteit Brussel (logo)BruBotics is the Brussels Human Robotics Research Center of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel collaborate with Axiles Bionics (logo)European commission supports Axiles Bionics (logo)
King Baudouin Foundation supports Axiles Bionics (logo)
Innoviris (logo) boost evolution in the Brussels-Capital Region and work with Axiles bionicsHub Brussels work with Axiles Bionics (logo)
Matrix Requirements - Quality Management Systems,
Requirements, Risk & Test Management
for Medical Devices (logo)Partner : Matrix is a global leader in commercial fitness products (logo)

Dream big, aim high, and dare to be extraordinary

Transforming dreams into reality starts with a simple step.

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